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The purpose of having a collection such as this one, is not of handguns for entertainment, but also for reminding us of some great history in the development. Also, this collection can still be useful on the range, as most of these guns can be maintained in good working condition, and most are pretty accurate and reliable. For example, the TOZ-35 featured in this collection is still a very popular free pistol, and it is used by many athletes all over the world to compete, win, and set records. Exercising with this pistol is like feeling history in your own hands. Developed in 1959, the TOZ-35 already has 45 years of the highest level of International Target Shooting performance to its name! Chosen by many High Level Shooters to win Olympic Games and World Championships, we are proud to have models such as the TOZ-35 as part of our collection!

Luger Parabellum
The Parabellum is one of the first mass-produced semi-automatic pistols. The Swiss army was the first to adopt this handgun for military service in the early 20th century. Germany and other European countries followed soon after.
If cared for properly, the Lugers are highly accurate pistols, even by today's standards. However, mediocre reliability, sensitivity to dirt and dust, and higher relative price made this pistol a weaker substitute to the Browning High Power and Walther P38 models available around the same time. The shooter must make sure to keep this pistol away from dust and dirt, which is why this Luger was usually carried in a completely enclosing holster.
Sometimes referred to as the "assassin's weapon," the Parabellum is accurate at up to 150 meters. Many countries have completely outlawed this pistol because the Parabellum's design supposedly inspires aggression in the shooter's mind. This psychological phenomenon has not yet been sufficiently researched.
Technical Specification:
Single action semi-automatic
Ammo: 7.65mm Luger/Parabellum, 9x19mm Luger/Parabellum
Length: 8.75"
Weight (unloaded): 1.9lb
Magazine Capacity: 8 rounds

This Standard Sports pistol has helped USSR/Russian Natioal Team win 7 Olympic medals. It led shooters of Russia and other former USSR republics to win 4 World and European championships. Some of the best-performing shooters in the world use this pistol. The IZH-35 first appeared in 1978 and got modernized later as IZH-35M. Used with .22 LR ammo. Great for both competition and practice shooting. Some features of this pistol are:
• Adjustable trigger
• Grip safety
• Fully adjustable right hand walnut grip
• Manual slide hold open
• Fully adjustable rear sight
• Detachable scope rail
And more...
Length: 30cm (11.8")
Weight: 1.25kg (2.75lb)
Magazine Capacity: 5

Another popular competition pistol. This Morini CM-162EI is produced in Switzerland and has helped shooting athletes earn numerous Olympic medals.
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Developed in the year 1959, Vostok Toz-35M is still a formidable opponent to newer, more expensive Free Pistols produced by Morini, Hammerli, and others. This great pistol is the result of high quality Russian craftsmanship and continues to yield the highest results in competitive sports shooting. Definitely the best value!
At the 2000 Milan World Cup, athlete Bill Demarest won and set a world record in Free Pistol of 676.2 points with his Toz-35. This pistol helped win Gold, Silver, Bronze, and 4th place at the 1996 Olympic Games. And that's not all. The Toz has many championships and medals to its name. Besides being relatively inexpensive, it seems to get the best results for athletes. It is the choice of most high level shooters all around the world, including the USA Shooting Team.

Smith&Wesson 681/686 Revolver
These models were intended to be easy to carry and able to withstand the powerful .357 Magnum ammunition. These revolvers are popular combat, self-defense, and sports pistols. These handguns quickly became popular and were adopted by police departments across the US.
Technical Specification (for 686 unless otherwise noted):
Double action revolver
Ammo: .357 Magnum, .38 SW Special
Length: Varies depending on the barrel, overall length falls between 7" and 12" for 686 models.
Weight (unloaded): between 35 and 45oz depending on model.
Capacity: 6-7 rounds

Walther PPK
This compact pistol is used by many intelligence services all over the world as a back-up handgun. The 15cm gun is easily concealed and takes 9mm ammo, with magazine capacity of 7 rounds. Popularized by the James Bond films, the Walther PPK is a simple, reliable self-defense weapon, although somewhat lacking in power at greater distances. The PPK gained a good reputation for its use in police and civilian forces throughout Europe.
Technical Specification:
Double action semi-automatic
Caliber: .22LR, 9x17mm (9mm short), 7.65x17mm.
Length: 6.1"
Weight (unloaded): 21oz
Magazine Capacity: 6 rounds

Colt 1911
Designed by John Browning, this pistol was adopted by the US Army in 1911 and became known as the Colt M1911. This model and its modifications have been used by the US military until the 1980s when it was replaced by the Beretta 92 FS.
This pistol is known for its extremely high accuracy, and it has been widely manufactured in the US for both military service and civilian use. Many models of this Colt have been produced all around the world. Various clones have also been manufactured.
The Colt 1911 is considered by many to be the most popular pistol in the world . It is known for its reliability, serviceability and simplicity. Some of this gun's successive models are still in use today.
Technical Specification:
Single action semi-automatic
Caliber: .45 ACP
Length: 8.5"
Weight (unloaded): 39oz
Magazine Capacity: 7 rounds

Mauser C-96
During WWI, Parabellums proved to be slower and more expensive to manufacture. To make up for this shortage, some Mauser C-96 were adopted by the German military. Its military use extended even through the 2nd World War.
The distinctive features of this gun are the fixed box magazine in front of the triggerguard and an optional shoulder stock for increased accuracy and comfort.
The C-96 was highly reliable, pretty powerful, and accurate up to 200 meters (especially with the shoulder stock). Ultimately, this gun was too bulky and slow to reload. It was soon replaced by more modern handguns.
Technical Specification:
Single action semi-automatic
Caliber: 7.63x25mm, 9x19mm.
Length: 12.25"
Weight (unloaded): 2.75lb
Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds

Browning High-Power
A durable semi-automatic, 20 cm in length, with a 13 round capacity. Designed by John M. Browning in 1925. Used by Belgian, British, and other foreign police forces. The High Power is the only sidearm used by both sides during WWII. Germany used HPs manufactured in Belguim while the Allies used Canadian-made models.
The most innovative feature of this handgun is the slide that is physically completely separate from the barrel.
A very reliable pistol.
Technical Specification:
Single action semi-automatic
Caliber: 9mm Parabellum
Length: 7.7"
Weight (unloaded): 35oz
Magazine Capacity: 13 rounds

Beretta 92 FS
A reliable 9mm semi-automatic pistol used by many European police force agencies. This handgun is fairly accurate at 50 meters. The Beretta is widely available on the market.
This model competed against the Sig Sauer P-226 in US military trials in 1985. Both guns passed all the required tests, but the Beretta proved to be less expensive overall, so it was the gun that replaced the famous Colt M1911 as the US Army service pistol. The Beretta 92FS was also adopted by many other military and law enforcement organizations around the world.
Technical Specification:
Double action semi-automatic
Caliber: 9x19mm
Length: 8.5"
Weight (unloaded): 33.3oz
Magazine Capacity: 15 rounds

Sig Sauer P-226
First appeared in 1983 and was developed to be the successor for the US Army's M1911 service pistol (eventually lost to Beretta 92FS due to cost considerations). The P-226 was adopted by the US SEALs as the official sidearm.
Technical Specification (for 9mm ammo unless otherwise noted):
Double action semi-automatic
Caliber: 9mm, .357 Sig
Length: 7.7"
Weight (unloaded): 26.5oz
Magazine Capacity: 15 rounds (12 rounds for .4 and .357 caliber)

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